Kelvin Barnes
Voice Over Artist at RMK Voices
“ I had a great experience in my recent styling session with Anna. Previously, the thought of terms like ‘layering’, ‘accessories’ etc. were enough to put me off trying new styles and colours. Anna allows you to feel comfortable from the moment you the start the session. Her knowledge and experience gave me the assurance not only to believe I could wear new styles and colours and to be shown how I will apply it. The confidence I’ve gained from feeling and knowing you look good in what you’re wearing has been invaluable!”
Alita Harvey-Rodriguez
Director, Milk it Academy – Digital Communications & Online Consumer Behaviour Expert
"Your style is meant to challenge you and say what words in a first impression can't. Anna gave me everything I was looking for. I saw Anna for a corporate/lifestyle styling make-over and in the end I felt as I had requested in my brief. Strong, Feminine and Bold. The whole day was a treat and we're only half way through! I can't wait to do my wardrobe edit! The thing I loved most about working with Anna is she will give you the tools and advice you need so that when she isn't around you can still look like a million dollars. Anna is a gem, always with a kind heart and smile. If your goal is to look amazing effortlessly, I personally recommend Anna Pappas. She's most likely the answer you're looking for. Thanks again Anna, you're a treat"
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Mini Latif
Managing Director
“I had the enlightening pleasure of working with the style queen Anna P! She walked into my wardrobe and made me see my style from not just a clothing point of view, but from within. I now have more clarity when defining my style and lve stopped second guessing myself when l go shopping. It really was a life changing experience that was so educational and simply fun! Spending a couple of hours talking all about me really wasnt a drag at all! Anna is one of those people who calm you, clear your head and make you feel really good about yourself. Such a talent and beautiful inside and out.”
Nicole Barnes
"As a busy Mum of three young boys and a Company Director across multiple businesses, I confess, my style needed an expert to overhaul my wardrobe, it was just never on my priority list. Anna Pappas helped me cull the enormous amount of spontaneous purchases I'd made, usually at airports or a five minute dash to a department store, which were the wrong colour, shape, size or length. This now made sense to why they hung unworn in my wardrobe for so many years, these items just didn't make me feel good. Anna's style language is not only about what fits right, it's about what feels right. This has made a huge difference to the way I chose clothes in my wardrobe and also when making a new purchase. Anna was able to quickly work out my own unique style, allowing me to remain true to my personality. A day with Anna consists of creating multiple looks by mixing and matching in a way I'd never attempted before and then the joy of shopping with an expert to buy selected timeless pieces. I now feel I'm equipped, along with a look book of images in case I forget, to put the right outfit together for any occasion."
Eloise Mullins
Teacher & Mother of Three
Awe-inspiring Passion. AP - The Anna Pappas experience. Whether you’re chasing a pick me up, needing a wardrobe renewal, or sourcing that elusive final touch of glam, the Anna Pappas styling experience is quite simply the must have of the season. Take me. A thirty-something stay at home mamma of three. Social life – minimal; brain capacity – shrinking; feeling deflated, low and completely out of sorts. My love of all things fashion has practically flat-lined and my post baby body has been hijacked by a foreign being whose language makes no sense to me. Choosing outfits used to be fun, but daily dressing has become so depressing that I’d rather not attend things because I’m so disgusted in my wardrobes offerings. Enter Anna. My Goddess-like heroine. Sure there’s no white horse or dramatic background music, but there may as well be. This Queen of style is a fun loving, on trend, vibrant woman, who is fabulously down to earth. She had meticulously sourced some of the most beautiful season’s pieces to suit my colouring, return to career and role as a mother. Each piece could be alternated to create further options, and the accessories were to die for. Throughout the process Anna considered my input and I grew a foot (without heels!) simply in her presence, - likewise can be said of Anna’s utterly charming creative team. These highly skilled wonders can turn any old drab into fab’ as you sit back and be indulged in company not dissimilar to an old group of friends. Hair, make-up, styling, photography/filming, refreshments and champagne, WOW, an incredibly delicious mix! Sporting new hair, endless offerings of caffeine, a made up face (that lasts ALL day & is so light weight I almost forgot to wash it off!) and a beautiful ‘fussing over’ could leave all the average Me’s utterly exhausted, but Anna’s calm and almost nurturing manner left me exhilarated. To Anna and her beautiful team, warmth, organisation and a sense of fun allowed for an exciting and almost un-real day out in what was mistakenly perceived to be a surreal lifestyle reserved purely for the rich and famous. Through this mini-transformation, Anna’s tenacity and spirit has magically instilled in me some of my former self...the one who had her style sorted and the one who had zero trouble with confidence. Okay, okay – there’s still loads of improvement to be made, but Anna will be there to follow up with a wardrobe edit....and hopefully there will be a nice deposit into my spending account by then ;-)s”
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Dr Clare Wright
Associate Professor in History
Anna Pappas really helped make my Red Carpet moment sing.  At the very last moment, she found just the right piece that pulled all my elements together so that I felt confident and fabulous when I walked out with the stars.  If style and service is what you’re after, I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.
Penny Fokas
Hair & Make-up Stylist / Body Building Competitor
“ Anna Pappas is truly amazing!! With her calm nature and positive attitude in life she is a breath of fresh air. After my personal achievement in my first body building competition, placing second, I can only thank Anna for her professionalism and expertise in organising the best photo shoot ever. I was not disappointed with her choice of fashion and styling, indeed I was left to feel like a star. What a day it was, full of laughs, fun and perfection. I honestly couldn’t have done it without Anna keeping it together for me, and I quote “Relax Penny leave it to me, I’ve got it “ and that’s exactly what she did! I cannot help but to feel amazing in Anna’s presence with her beautiful nature and aura.”
Maria D’amico
Thank-you so much for all the interesting information you shared with us yesterday at the ‘Master Your Style’ event Anna Pappas. You truly are inspirational and I learnt so many things yesterday. I wish you could be with me everyday inspiring me and teaching me so I never forget the importance of loving ourselves and looking the best we can be.  
"Anna Pappas has a way of bringing the best out in people. I recommend Anna to the artists I work with in our new record label BME. Anna has the ability to amplify an artist’s personality by finding and developing their very own unique style. I see our artists coming into themselves and stepping out, confident that they know exactly who they are and where they are going. I also see the effect that this confidence has on their ambitions. I choose to work with Anna because she is not afraid of unique, not afraid to stand out. She has an eye for detail and an exceptional standard of excellence that I value greatly.”
Kate Finkelstein
Co - Founder of 
BME Bradshaw Music Enterprises. 
Brand development and Marketing strategist.
Nicole Condos
Director Material Girl PR
Anna always styles me with her unique flair while still incorporating my own taste and personal flair. As a reporter at The Logies, Red Carpet presenting, corporate singing performances and social events, Anna’s attention to detail and styling passion is unmatched.
A very big thank-you to Anna Pappas for changing my life through fashion & style. You showed me my true self and you also gave me the confidence I need to take on the world. Thank-you and forever grateful.
Katerina Chronopoulos
Kostas Moutsoulas
“Recently I had a professional photo shoot with stylist Anna. Anna definitely has a great eye for detail and styling. Anna also has the ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and understands many aspects within the industry including hair, photographic make-up and of course fashion. She is definitely a true professional with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. I highly recommend Anna if you are looking for a stylist that can give you phenomenal results. Thank-you Anna.”
Dear Anna, Thank you for your recent colour analysis consultation. I came away from the session absolutely enlightened; enthusiastic; and inspired. I have since purchased some of the colours that were recommended for my complexion and received multiple compliments from my friends and family - a result I did not expect. I am now feeling more confident in myself and sense of style. Shopping is no longer an experience of frustration or guesswork, but an experience of understanding what will work and what won't. Looking my best is very important to me as a public speaker and more importantly, as a woman. My sincere gratitude, Brigitte
Public Speaker


“Hi Anna, thank you so much for a very enjoyable and rewarding day. I really appreciated your stylish expertise! I was a little apprehensive at first about sharing my messy/clogged up wardrobe with a‘stranger’, however, you made me feel very comfortable. I not only have a well organised wardrobe as of today, but it is now full of clothes that I will actually wear, not ones that just clog up precious space. (I’m going to take three garbage bags full of my old clothes to the op shop!). I loved the way in which you created a new look for me out of my current clothes. I had never thought to put certain ‘pieces’ together before (including, shoes, accessories, etc). The shopping expedition to Southland was great fun. It was wonderful having someone to suggest clothes/accessories for me to try, and give a professional opinion of how they looked on. There were certainly some pieces that I would never have chosen myself, which now complement my wardrobe well. In fact, I would never have even ventured into some of the shops in which I purchased some clothes today! I really enjoyed your insightful knowledge about how to incorporate my new purchases into my current wardrobe and create some new looks, combining the ‘old’ with the ‘new’. I am looking forward to seeing some of the photos that you took of me in various outfits. These will help me to remember the combinations that we put together today. In closing, I would like to thank you once again for your sharing your ‘passion for fashion’ in a very professional and enjoyable way. “
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Adam Butler
“Anna helped me develop my personal style and get my confidence back. She helped me clean out and organise my wardrobe, then we went shopping together for clothes. Anna looks for quality pieces that you can mix and match to make lots of different outfits. We also got some great accessories that complete the looks and add some spunk. Anna has a great eye for colour and knows how to work with your personal style to accentuate your best features. Thanks, Anna.”
I have worked with Anna twice now and I feel more confident and comfortable than ever to be myself! Anna is clear and concise when it comes to sorting out your wardrobe and by the end of the session I was left with a wardrobe of clothes that was organised and a knew knowledge of what outfits I could put together with my own clothes. An experience that I would highly recommend for everyone no matter what profession you are in. I know that anytime I need styling advice or just someone positive to talk to I’ll be contacting Anna!
Siobhan Barnes
TV Presenter/Actress
Angela Lillis
“To whom it may concern, I recently met up with Anna Pappas to help me with an up and coming special occasion. My sons wedding in Greece, so I needed something special. Firstly, I had my colours assessed, trying various shades against my complexion. Then Anna went to various stores, taking photos of different outfits and sending them to me. After numerous phone calls, we met up and started painting the town. It didn’t take long for me to decide on a George Gross dress and Anna also helped me accessorize to complete my outfit. Many thanks Anna for your patience and making it such an enjoyable experience.”


“Oh my goodness. I am so revitalised after Anna’s wardrobe review. Gone are bad memories, bad clothes that brought me down. Hello to a new simple and elegant style thanks to Anna! Thank you – you are the best!”
“If you’d love to feel like a queen for a day, then a style shopping experience with Anna Pappas Stylist is a must! Armed with a list of items determined beforehand, Anna led me directly to the relevant stores to avoid wasting time. She partnered me in my decisions, and carried all the garments herself to and from the change rooms like my own personal concierge. The speed with which we were able to plough through styles and sizes was surprising. With the lack of service in stores these days, it would have taken me 3 times longer to achieve what we did, and likely with great stress and exasperation. I did not need to leave the change room to find my own size, colour or style. Anna helped me regain my confidence in decision making and I am now equipped with greater purchasing skill that will ensure I make wiser choices, faster. It was a fun, relaxed and comfortable shopping experience – rather than one of typical frustration and overwhelm. I now shop with clarity and purpose. Thank you so much Anna for inspiring me back toward my true self, for the fun and laughter and for the colour and style!”


Victoria Tsonis
“I approached Anna Pappas to help me find the perfect school formal dress for a TV show I was featured on (Formal Wars). Anna and I had a wonderful day shopping she took me straight to the stores which she knew I would like and found exactly what look I wanted for the occasion! Usually on my own I would waste time by going to every single shop. Anna picked out the outfits which suited my body shape and skin tone, she picked colours that I would have never thought would have looked good on me but actually looked fantastic! I was used to playing it safe and picking black plain coloured dresses. I have always been self conscious about my stomach Anna picked a dress that made me feel confident as it hid the bad bits and showed the good bits. I was extremely happy with the outcome she found me a dress that looked amazing on me and also suited my age. It was the best decision I made by having Anna style me and I will definitely have her style me again in the future.”