My Journey


Welcome to a stylish life with Anna Pappas Fashion & Lifestyle

My style is bold, edgy, cosmopolitan and chic, with a touch of European flair. At the age of twenty-three, I travelled to Europe and fell in love with Rome and it’s fashion, but my most inspirational ideas take me back to the South of France and Mykonos. It was in these alluring destinations where I soaked up the vibrant atmosphere, vivacious cultures and characters. At that time I experienced a metamorphosis where I focussed and channeled my inner aspirations on how to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am Anna Pappas your go to guide for Style, Fashion & Lifestyle.

pho54My first inspirational figure, of course, was my mother, who is an artist and talented, refined hairdresser herself. My mother always encouraged me to take pride in my personal appearance and even motivated me to enrol in deportment school at the age of 17, she firmly believed in the value of respecting ourselves as women and how we carry ourselves through life. I will forever be grateful because this deeply embedded these values and beliefs from an impressionable young age.

As a graduate of a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Health Promotion; I am able to understand the importance of personal development, strategies and the practical approaches to enable people to increase awareness with overall wellbeing.

With an entrepreneurial outlook having developed a make up business at the young age of 18, my practical and creative experiences have been expanded by furthering my training and education through numerous accredited courses  including personal, corporate, fashion, editorial and events styling, TV and radio presenting, make up and hair stylist so far throughout my professional career.

Celebrating 20 years in the fashion world, I have been involved in a comprehensive portfolio of projects with works featured in fashion, lifestyle and design publications such as Belle Magazine, The Sunday Age, MX Newspaper, Melbourne Weekly, The Fashion Journal, Promo Mag and many more. During my time on collaborating with these publication companies, I have been involved with writing, editing and co-authoring with 10 Australian beauty and image creatives, a styling makeover handbook called ‘You Can…Be Your Own Stylist’, sharing the secrets to easy, effortless and everyday style for success.

Playing strong, established and diverse roles as a creative stylist, brand ambassador; in 2012 I  appeared on Internationally distributed fashion and entertainment television channel Fashion|One TV; reality program ‘Style Wars’ (representing Australia) as a stylist challenging other talented, aspiring stylist’s from around the world. Styling celebrities and TV presenters for red carpet events soon became part of my ongoing creative projects. Following on, my fashion blogging was soon appointed influential status and a notable blogger; crossing paths with one of fashion’s greatest and respected stylist Patricia Field, renowned for her remarkable creative direction in costume design for films and television shows including, ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Anna Pappas Fashion & Lifestyle is here to help you transform your confidence. My team and I map out your goals and dreams to give you clear direction on how to achieve your desired overall image and style.  We understand the importance of your visual value and how this has a positive or negative impact on how you are treated in your personal and professional life. We truly believe there is always hope to make any transformation from where you are to where you want to be… Life is ever evolving, nothing really stays the same. Things change, we change, our careers take a different path, we get promoted, we become parents, we find love, we lose love, we may even change cities, states or continents, life is not stagnant nor should we be. Allow us to support you through any transformation life presents to you by empowering and motivating you in a new, more confident, positive and stylish light.

Let’s take a trip into the world of Style … Places I have travelled and worked so far… Verona, Rome, Milan, Venice (Italy), Mykonos & Athens (Greece), Cebu (Philippines), Shanghai (China), Marseille & Paris (France), Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Byron Bay (Australia), London (England), Barcelona (Spain), French Riviera (Monaco), Istanbul (Turkey), Kuala Lumpar (Malaysia), Singapore, Ubud (Bali), Dubai (UAE), New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas (USA).