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Q&A with Debbie Small from Sassy Legs

  ‘WHY FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT’ There is know doubt Debbie Small founder of Sassy Legs walks her talk… Vibrant, sassy and charismatic is how I would describe entrepreneur Debbie who has a deep passion when it comes to empowering individuals to look and feel their best. Sassy Legs is

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Q&A with milliner Catherine Ellen

  Catherine Ellen is certainly one of the finest milliner’s here in Australia and it’s no surprise that my clients will fly into Melbourne from all over Australia just for a creation made by Catherine at The Essential Hat store. Catherine’s handmade hats are truly pieces of ART utilising the finest quality materials and attention

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Q&A with Prigipo

Meet the two creative founders behind the stylish jewellery brand Prigipo… Truly beautiful souls who are also yes, you guessed right ‘super creative’. I have always been a fan of jewellery made in Greece. So during my last travels in Athens I was on a mission to find a unique jewellery collection to share with

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Q&A with Artist Kathleen McGinley

  My recent interview with Melbourne based creative artist Kathleen McGinley. When I had first set my eyes on Kathleen’s art it lead me to a dreamy and relaxed state of mind. Kathleen’s art work is absolutely unique and divine. A born natural influenced from a young age from her Spanish heritage. Definitely worth viewing…

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Q&A with creative stylist Alexandra Katsaiti

  My recent interview with multi talented creative stylist Alexandra Katsaiti. Alexandra is definitely out there with both her designs and as a TV personality in Greece styling the stars in her attire. It was a real pleasure to meet and greet Alexandra at her showroom in Kolonaki a high end fashion zone in Athens.

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Q&A with artist Evangelos Vangelatos

Evangelos Vangelatos definitely has the knack when it comes to creative ART. On my recent trip to Greece in Kifissia I stumbled across a creative Greek Artist and was lucky enough to view his incredible collection. Humble, spiritual and passionate is how I describe Evangelos and his art work definitely portrays not just a pretty

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